Overseas Weddings on the Rise

I read an interesting article today about overseas weddings. It seems as the credit crunch hits and holidays are being put on hold Weddings Overseas are on the rise. According to Mintel an estimated 51,300 couples tied the knot abroad last year out of the 320,000 couples that were married, thats almost 1 in 6 couples that chose to get married abroad.

Of course it isn’t hard to see why with the average cost of a wedding at £20,000 to do in the UK, a wedding abroad would cost a fraction of that price and with more operators giving wedding couples discounts and great incentives to book and travel agents like me searching for the best prices for the customers, there can be huge savings on Marrying the one you love!

Great weather and gorgeous beach locations are another big reason couples are chosing to marry abroad, but dont get me wrong there are hundreds of gorgeous location in the UK it’s just a shame we don’t get more good weather!

Cyprus is still one of the top short-haul destinations for those who want to marry and for those who like to go a little further a field the Caribbean is still a popular choice with Sandals & Beaches Resorts offering great packages for Wedding Guests.

If you’re thinking of getting married abroad feel free to send me an email and see what I can do for you. zoe@designertravel.co.uk


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